Mandible Liberoni


Mandible Liberoni

Arcona Guidance Councellor
Scoundrel 3 (+2, +2): Gambler 1, Gunslinger 2
Diplomat 3 (+1, +1D): Advisor 3

Arcona: +1D Streetwise and Driving, -1D Willpower and Perception
Cab Driver: Twice per adventure, you can reroll a Driving Check.
Stats: Wisdom (1D/3D), Brawn (1D/3D)

Wretched Hive: Wherever you are in the galaxy, you can make a Streetwise Check to find a cantina, where the bartender will answer any one question. You also get +1D to Subterfuge Checks when gambling.

Cantina Brawler: You’ve fought in your fair share of bar fights with some of the toughest customers in the galaxy. Once per combat, you can make a Brawling Check vs. an enemy’s melee or Close ranged attack against you or a nearby ally to negate it.

Hokey Religions: There’s no mystical energy field that controls your destiny. But somehow you’ve led a charmed life. When you use a Force Point on an attack roll or to soak damage, if you roll a 5 or 6 you keep rolling.

Sorry About the Mess: Once per adventure, if you find yourself in a hairy situation after causing a ruckus, you can buy someone off with a single credit by making an Intimidate Check. The NPC must have been present at the time of the incident.

Curriculum Vitae: Once per adventure, you can make a Scholarship Check to create a fact about your personal achievements and professional exploits.

Protocol Droid: You have a loyal protocol droid who accompanies and corrects you wherever you go. Once per adventure, you or an ally can reroll a Brains Skill Check. And once per adventure, you can make a Droids Check to have your droid “annoy” an NPC, distracting them.

Galactic Lore: Once per adventure, you can make a Scholarship Check to convince an NPC of something by relating the situation at hand to a piece of galactic history.

Brains 4D
Tech 2D
Agility 2D
Brawn 2D
Cunning 4D
Wisdom 2D


  • Brains
    • Aliens: (+2D for speaking via protocol droid) = 6D
    • Scholarship: = 5D
  • Agility
  • Brawn
    • Brawling: = 4D
    • Intimidate: = 4D
  • Cunning
    • Con: 5D
    • Streetwise: +1D (racial) = 6D
  • Wisdom
    • Willpower: -1D (racial) = 1D
    • Perception: -1D (racial) = 2D

Attack: 2D (Base) + 1D+1 (Agility) + 2 (Scoundrel) + 1 (Diplomat) = 4D+1

Defense: 2D (Base) + 2D (cunning) + 2 (Scoundrel) + 1D (Diplomat) = 5D+2

- Lv 1:
- Lv 1:
- Lv 2:
- Lv 4:

Blaster Pistol: DL-18 4D
- Comlink
- Datapad
- Medpac
Credits: 0




Mandible Liberoni

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