Canicus "Booj" Macht

The Mighty Booj


Canicus “Booj” Macht
Level 6 Force Adept (4 Dark, 1 Light) Jedi (Apprentice 1)
Age 23; Weight 76 kilos; Height 2.0 meters
DSP 1, personality taint (arrogant)

Brains 3D
Technology 2D
Agility 2D
Brawn 4D
Cunning 2D
Wisdom 3D

Force Points 9
Attack 4D = 2D + 1D+1 (Agi) + 1D (Force User [Dark 4, Light 1]) -2 (Armor)
Defense 4D+2 = 2D + 1D+1 (Cun) + 1D+1 (Force User [Dark 4, Light 1] Jedi [Apprentice 1])
Soak 5D = 4D + 1D (Armor)

[Race] Echani – +1D Brawling and Command, -1D Con and Perception
[Char 1] Force Choke – Once per adventure, you can make an Alter vs. Toughness Check to choke someone, dealing the difference in damage. In addition the target cannot move for a round.
[Char 1] Mind Trick – Once per adventure, you can make an Alter Check to plant a suggestion or thought into someone’s mind.
[Char 2] Force Push – Once per adventure, you can make an Alter Check to forcefully push/pull people and things with the Force.
[Char 3] Illusion – Once per adventure, you can make an Alter Check to alter the perceptions of people.
[Char 4] Heal Self – Once per adventure, you can make a Control Check to heal yourself. This works just like a medpac.
[Char 5] Force Sense – You can make a Sense Check to sense the lifeforms around you. You can also focus to determine someone or something’s connection to the force.
[Char 6] Lightsaber Block – You get the Lightsaber feat. As an action (with any penalties applying), you can make an attack roll vs. an attack that hits you. If your roll exceeds the enemy’s attack, you negate it. If you haven’t already had your turn this round, you must declare how many attacks you intend to make and apply the penalties to your Lightsaber Block accordingly.

[Char 1] Force Sensitive – This feat must be taken at character creation. You are attuned to the Force and get an extra Force Point at the start of each adventure. You are also able to take levels in Force User.
[Char 1] Melee Proficiency
[Char 2] Unarmed Proficiency – Can use Brawling moves twice per combat.
[Char 4] Skirmisher – Once per combat, you make a Survival Check to create a feature of the battlefield.
[Char 6] Armor Proficiency — Penalty to Agility skills is reduced by 1. (-1D would now equal -2)

Skill Points 11

Brains 3D
Aliens 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Planets 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Bureaucracy 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Scholarship 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Command 4D = 3D + 1D® + 0 (0pts)
Alter (Force) 5D+2 = 3D + 2D+2 (10pts)

Tech 2D
Astrogation 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Computers 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Droids 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Operations 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Mechanics 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)

Agility 2D
Dexterity 3D = 2D + 1D (6pts)
Sneak 4D = 2D + 1D + 1D (9pts)
Piloting 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Driving 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Gunnery 2D = 2D + 1D + 0 (0pts)

Brawn 4D
Intimidate 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Athletics 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Brawling 5D = 4D + 1D® + 0 (0pts)
Might 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Toughness 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Control (Force) 5D = 4D + 1D + 0 (0pts)

Cunning 2D
Con 1D = 2D + -1D® 0 (0pts)
Subterfuge 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Entertain 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Security 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Streetwise 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Investigation 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)

Wisdom 3D
Persuade 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Survival 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Perception 3D = 3D + -1D® + 1D (6pts)
Willpower 5D = 3D + 2D + 0 (0pts)
First Aid 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Sense (Force) 5D = 3D +2D (12pts)


Credits: 98 creds

Weapons (Max 2)
Vibroknuckles (300 creds) – +1 Damage, Unarmed
Vibroblade (500 creds) – +1D Damage

Random Gear (Max 5 [3 + 2D Tech])


Link Armor

-1D Agility. Once per adventure reroll a Critical Effect


Father crippled, sister killed by Mandalorian Bounty Hunter with a vendetta against the family, but unsure of who he is or why he’s after this particular family. The only distinguishing mark is his weapon of choice, a flame thrower that blasts blue flames. This happened over a decade ago and his mother has told him to not search for him, as it’s not his fight. She seems to know more about this Mandalorian, and Canicus believes that it stems back much further in history to the days of Imperial dominance. He knows that one day the Mandalorian may return to finish the sinister task and eliminate his family, he just hopes he’s there to protect them when it does happen.
Best friend Krah Suchari, a Thyrsian who counterpoints all of Canicus’ Echani training. Together they joined the Jedi Order to better themselves and their people.
Sla’ang Murth, another new recruit at the Jedi Temple who will stop at nothing to be the top of the class, and who has his sights set on getting Krah out of the way.

To fulfill what it means to be an Echani by purifying his battle techniques, mastering his own body, and using it to bring order to the chaos of the galaxy. He will do this through ascending the ranks of the Jedi Order, bringing his own Echani style to the saber techniques and perfecting the art.

Goals for Character Development

Outline – Good with a sword, better with his fists; learning to augment his abilities with the force. Likes to sneak and avoid conflict, but isn’t afraid to demonstrate a show of force to minimize collateral. Not-so-good with tech and computer stuff, doesn’t have a use for it.

Material Desires: Echani Ritual Brand/Vibro Blade w/ Cortosis Weave, collect Echani memorabilia

Force User (4 lv)
Dark: Force Choke  Mind Trick  Force Push  Illusion  Heal Self

Jedi (8 lv)
Apprentice: Lightsaber Block  Concentration  Control Pain  Force Surge
Knight: Jedi Mind Trick  Lightsaber Deflection  Lightsaber Combat  Negate Energy

Force Adept (4 lv)
Death: Stun  Force Cloak  Fear  Force Drain

Brawler (4 lv)
Cantina Brawler: Taunt  Punch It  Counter Strike  Gundark Stunner

Canicus "Booj" Macht

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