[Imp] Shi'kai

Seeking to restore the former glory of the Ubese empire through tech and the liberal application of a blaster.


• Ubese: +1D Intimidate and Investigation, -1D to Aliens and Persuade
Stats: Brawn (1D/3D), Technology (3D/5D)

Level 6 [Mechanic 3; Mercenary 1; ISB Agent 2]
Age: ??; Weight: 79 kilos; Height 1.9 meters

3 Dark Side Point – (Atonement: 0/3)
Personality Taint – Quick to Anger, Arrogant; +1 to evil deeds, -1 to goodly deeds.

Brains 2D
Technology 5D
Agility 2D
Brawn 3D
Cunning 3D
Wisdom 1D

Force Points 5+1 (Wis)
Attack 5D = 2D + 1D+1 (Agi) + 1D + 2 (Mechanic 3; Mercenary 1; ISB Agent 3)
Defense 5D+1 = 2D + 1D+2 (Cun) + 1D + 2 (Mechanic 3; Mercenary 1; ISB Agent 3)

[Race] Hatred – Pick an affiliation. You hate them. You get +1 against them in combat, and -1 outside of combat. Ubese can acquire Raider Armor at DC 20 instead of 30.
[Char 1] Kit Bash – You can make a Mechanics Check to craft a custom one-time use device with just what you have on hand.
[Char 1] Utility Belt – Twice per adventure, you can make an Operations Check to produce a common item from your utility belt to help you solve a problem at hand.
[Char 2] Upgrade – At the beginning of each adventure, you can make a Mechanics Check to upgrade a piece of equipment for half the cost.
[Char 3] Spare Parts – At the start of each adventure, you have 1000 credits worth of parts for crafting and repair purposes. This isn’t cumulative, and resets each adventure.
[Char 4] Opportunist – When you attack a target engaged in melee, you deal +1D damage.
[Char 5] Incriminating Evidence – You can make a Subterfuge Check to create a piece of evidence linking someone to a crime or misdeed.
[Char 6] Espionage – You can choose one of the first four Abilities in the Spy or Con Artist trees. Recon: You can make a Subterfuge Check to create a fact about a location, or group of people at a specific location.
[Char 7] Interrogation – You can make an Investigation vs. Willpower Check to make an NPC reveal a piece of secret information.

[Char 1] Blaster Proficiency
[Char 1] Self-Reflection – Increase Skill Points gained at levels by 1
[Char 2] Correspondence Course – You get +1D to a Skill that hasn’t been trained yet
[Char 4] Armor Proficiency – Your Agility penalty is reduced by 1 (-1D would now equal -2)
[Char 6] Aim – Reduce the penalty from shooting into a melee to -2 instead of a -1D

Piloting Feats
Corellian Slip – Once per combat, if you are both an Attacker and Defender and you have a Clear Shot or Target Lock, make a DC 12 Piloting Check. If you’re successful, you deal +10 damage if you hit.

Skill Points
+ 3 SP/lvl
27 remaining

Brains 2D
Aliens 1D = 2D + -1D® + 0 (0pts)
Planets 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Bureaucracy 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Scholarship 3D = 2D + 1D (6pts)
Command 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Alter (Force) 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)

Tech 5D
Astrogation 5D = 5D + 0 (0pts)
Computers 6D = 5D + 1D + 0 (0pts)
Droids 5D = 5D + 0 (0pts)
Mechanics 6D = 5D + 1D + 0 (0pts)
Operations 6D = 5D + 1D (0pts)

Agility 2D
Acrobatics 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Sneak 4D + 1 = 2D + 1(DSP) + 2D (15pts)
Piloting 4D = 2D + 2D (15pts)
Driving 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Gunnery 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)

Brawn 3D
Intimidate 5D = 3D + 1D + 1D® + 0 (0pts)
Athletics 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Brawling 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Might 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Toughness 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Control (Force) 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)

Cunning 3D
Con 4D = 4D (9pts)
Subterfuge 5D = 3D + 1 (DSP) + 1D + 2 (17pts)
Entertain 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Security 5D = 3D + 2D + 0 (0pts)
Streetwise 4D = 3D + 1D + 0 (0pts)
Investigation 6D = 3D + 2D + 1D® + 0 (0pts)

Wisdom 1D
Persuade 0D = 1D + -1D® + 0 (0pts)
Survival 3D + 1 = 1D + 2D (9pts)
Perception 3D = 1D + 2D (9pts)
Willpower 2D + 2 = 1D + 1D + 2 (7pts)
First Aid 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)
Sense (Force) 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)


Credits: 28290 creds

Weapons (Max 3)
- Blaster Pistol (500 creds) + Silencer (>15m needs a Perception check to hear)


Random Gear (Max 3 + 5 [Tech])
- Datapad (100 creds) [Destroyed]
- Comlink (100 creds) [Destroyed]
- Breath Mask (250 creds)
- Glowrod (25 creds)
- Emergency Shelter (250 creds)
- Binders (50 creds)
- Copy of List of Rebels


Nearly 2 millennia have passed since the destruction of Uba III. My people have been scattered to the stars, and neither our hatred nor our mistrust have lessened. I loathe the Old Republic and the Jedi, and I have little more than contempt for this new Rebellion that seeks to overthrow the Empire. The Empire has been good to my people, sharing new technology, resources, and protection in exchange for our own technological prowess. They fuel our return to glory, and I will let nothing stop the rise of the Ubese people once again.

Trouble: There are many things in Shi’kai’s life that he has done wrong: he has killed, he has failed, and there have been times where he has lost everything, but when he found Tohshh and had his children, he finally felt that he did something right. The sins of the past cannot be escaped, and there have been several times where he has crossed the Purebloods of Uba IV in the interests of preserving historical artifacts to return to his wife at Ubertica Tech. He fears the day they make the connection between him and his family.

Destiny: The most important thing to Shi’kai is family, and he carefully guards his ties to them by limiting contact. He does everything to ensure their protection and the advancement of his wife and daughter’s ideals to expand interspecies relations for the advancement of the Ubese people. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to protect them, and he secretly searches for old Ubese writings, artifacts, and data from the pre-Bombardment of Uba period that would support the idea that the Ubese were once a more tolerant people with a rich history.

Rebellion – hates them for trying to bring back the Old Republic ways and for being enemies of the Empire.
Imperials – an excellent foil for the revival of the Ubese technological dynasty; they provide wetwork, technology, jobs, and resources for our people. They have not yet outlived their usefulness.
Jedi – hated for not saving our planet when they had the chance. My people have hunted them to extinction as part of the death squads during the Great Jedi Purge, but I would relish a Jedi’s lightsaber on my wall. Mounted below his skull.
Purebloods of Uba IV – a faction composed of survivors of Uba IV who still cling to the purity of their blood. They are a small faction of Ubese who hate the yrak pootzck of Ubertica almost as much as they hate everyone else, and they seek to purify the race by their standards…
Uba IV – sister planet to Ubertica, it is also home to massive manufacturing plants and the technology firm UbCorp, who employs any and all means to get their hands on technology – legal or otherwise.
UbCorp – headquartered on Uba IV, it also has strong ties and technology centers on Ubertica. It is rumored that UbCorp’s upper echelons are secret members of the Purebloods.
Ubertica – Shi’kai’s homeworld, making him one of the yrak pootzck. Home to research and manufacturing, it is considered by the Ubese to be their technological and cultural mecca.
Ubertica Tech – not only the premier university for the Ubese, it also is a repository of the cultural remnants of the Ubese people. They pay handsomely for artifacts from before the Bombardment of the Uba System.

Essential Characters:
Tohshh – Shi’kai’s wife who maintains the homestead back on Ubertica. Due to the nature of Shi’kai’s work, he communicates infrequently via encrypted channels, and visits only once a cycle. Tohshh is the head professor of Ubertica Tech’s Archaeology and Ubese Cultural Studies department.
Shi’long – Shi’kai’s son, he is only 8 years old, but a technical genius.
Shi’pang – Shi’kai’s daughter, she is considered an exceptional beauty and is well-versed in xenolinguistics and the study of aliens in spite of the xenophobic nature of the Ubese. She is an open and outspoken proponent of interspecies interaction, tolerance, and trade, but only in the name of advancing the Ubese people. It is a popular opinion amongst the younger generations at Ubertica Tech, though it has its detractors who would seek to silence its most vocal supporters.

[Imp] Shi'kai

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