[Tatooine] Geddy The Hutt

A gambling Hutt, well versed in the ways of galactic seduction...


Geddy the Hutt
Hutt Gambler Level 3

14 cunning +2
9 brains -1
12 agility +1
16 brawn +3
6 technology -2
10 wisdom

24 (24/24) hp, 11 wp

5/5 fp

Att: 3 (4)
Def: 2 (14)

Cantina Brawler: During an opposed Brawling Checks you can reroll one Check against someone with a higher Brawling Skill than you. And once per combat, you can make a Brawling Check to negate an enemy’s melee attack against you or a nearby ally.
High Stakes Bet: Twice per adventure, after an ally fails a roll, you can challenge the GM to a game of Sabaacc. Roll 2d10 and try to get the closest to 19 without going over. If you win, your ally succeeds his roll. If you fail, it’s a spectacular failure.
Lucky Bastard: Once per adventure you can reroll any of your rolls.
Stack the Deck: Once per adventure, you can declare that you are rolling twice and taking the better result. Once per adventure, you can declare that the GM is rolling twice and taking the worse result.

Skirmisher: Once per combat, you can make a Brawling Check to create a feature of the battlefield for your advantage.
Blaster Proficiency
Fighter: You get +1 Attack Bonus. You can take this up to 2 times.
Ackbar Slash: Once per combat, if an attack misses you, make a DC 15 Piloting Check to redirect it to the closest enemy ship.

Brains -1
Aliens: You use Aliens to know about an alien species’ culture and biology, and to speak languages.
Planets: You use Planets to know about the geography, life sciences, and current events of a planet in the galaxy.
Bureaucracy: You use Bureaucracy to know about the rules, laws, and protocol of various organizations in the galaxy.
Scholarship: You use Scholarship to know about any field of study or knowledge that doesn’t fall under other skills. Some examples include technology, the galactic music industry, and vintage holoporn.
Command: You use Command to direct NPC allies and to compel certain NPC’s to do your bidding. It’s also used to know about battle tactics.
Alter: You use Alter for Force Powers that require it. This is only available to Force Sensitive characters.

Technology -2
Astrogation: You use Astrogation to calculate hyperspace jumps, and to navigate through open space.
Computers: You use Computers to access information, manipulate systems, and write programs on computers.
Droids: You use Droids to repair, program, and operate droids.
Operations: You use Operations to use any piece of equipment, device, or ship system.
Mechanics: You use Mechanics to repair anything other than droids, and to craft and build things.

Agility +1
Acrobatics: You use Acrobatics to perform feats of dexterity, such as tumbling, diving, and moving out of the way.
1 Sneak: You use Sneak to move around and hide without being seen.
2 Piloting: You use Piloting to fly any ship.
1 Driving: You use Driving to drive any ground vehicle.
2 Gunnery: You use Gunnery to fire any ship, vehicle, or artillery weapons.

Brawn +3
2 Intimidate: You use Intimidate to coerce people through fear.
Athletics: You use Athletics to run, jump, climb, and swim.
4 Brawling: You use Brawling to grapple, and to use martial arts and improvised weapons in combat. It’s also used to settle quick, non-lethal fights outside of combat.
1 Might: You use Might to perform feats of strength, like lifting and carrying things.
1 Toughness: Toughness is your physical fortitude and stamina, and is used to resist certain attacks, and to endure harsh conditions.

Control: You use Control for Force Powers that require it. This is only available to Force Sensitive characters.

Cunning +2
1 Con: You use Con to deceive people with words.
4 Subterfuge: You use Subterfuge to disguise yourself, forge physical and electronic documents, conceal things, perform sleights of hand, and gamble.
Entertain: You use Entertain to captivate an audience, perform or compose a creative work, and distract people with conversation.
1 Streetwise: You use Streetwise to know about the galactic underworld: where to go, how to act, who to talk to.
1 Security: You use Security to bypass physical and computer security.
1 Investigation: You use Investigation to actively search for something, to track people and creatures, and to gather information.

Persuade: You use Persuade to convince people without using deception.
Survival: You use Survival to navigate and survive in nature, and to handle and ride creatures.
2 Perception: You use Perception to passively see and hear things. You also use it to roll Initiative.
2 Willpower: Willpower is your mental fortitude, used to resist social skills and abilities that affect the mind. It’s also used to resist the Dark Side.
First Aid: You use First Aid to heal people and know about medicine.
Sense: You use Sense for Force powers that require it. This is only available to Force Sensitive characters.

329 credits
1 blasters
Blaster Pistol: 2d8
Brass Knuckles: 1 to punch (1d4+4)


Geddy has fathered children with at least 9 different women throughout the galaxy…

Geddy is destined to win the Galactic Series of Sabaac Championship Tournament

Geddy firmly believes that you’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, and know when to run. He tries to live by these words…especially the part about knowing when to run. He has bedded more women willingly throughout the galaxy than any other Hutt he knows of. The time to run being immediately after knocking one of them up. Everywhere he goes, he leaves behind a trail of poorer gamblers, and pregnant women.

Gift for Velba, Gran waitress at the cantina that Geddy is trying to bang.

[Tatooine] Geddy The Hutt

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