[Imp] Bechesmy "Besh" Hud

"I'm known to locate certain things from time to time." - Besh



Level 4 Scoundrel (Gunslinger 3) Smuggler (Transporter 1)
Age 36; Weight 82 kilos; Height 1.9 meters
DSP: 2
DSP Personality Taint: Deceitful

Brawn 2D
Agility 4D
Brains 4D
Technology 3D
Wisdom 1D
Cunning 2D

Force Points 5+1 (Wis)
Attack 4D+2 (-2 Armor Penalty) = 2D + 2D (Agi) + 2 (Scoundrel 2) + 0 (Smuggler 1)
Defense 4D = 2D + 1D+1 (Cun) + 2 (Scoundrel 3) + 1 (Smuggler 1)

[Race] Spacer: You can reroll a Piloting Check once per adventure
[Char 1] Quickdraw: When combat starts, make a Subterfuge Check against the opponent’s Initiative roll. If you succeed, you make a free attack.
[Char 1] Hokey Religions: There’s no mystical energy field that controls your destiny. But somehow you’ve led a charmed life. When you use a Force Point on an attack roll or to soak damage, if you roll a 5 or 6 you keep rolling.
[Char 2] Trick Shot: You can make a Gunnery Check to shoot things with pinpoint accuracy for utility purposes or dramatic effect.
[Char 3] Secret Compartments: You can make a Mechanics Check to install a secret compartment on any piece of gear and any vehicle. Secret compartments give +2D to Subterfuge rolls to conceal things.
[Char 4] Ranged Disarm: Once per combat, you can make a Gunnery vs. Acrobatics Check to disarm somebody with your blaster.

[Char 1] Blaster Proficiency
[Char 1] Armor Proficiency: Your Agility penalty is reduced by 1. (-1D would now equal -2)
[Char 2] Aim: Reduce the penalty from shooting into a melee to -2 instead of -1D.
[Char 4] Correspondence Course: You get +1D to a Skill that hasn’t been trained yet. (Used on Subterfuge).

Skill Points
Bonus Skill Points per Level: 4
Points Remaining: 2

Brains 4D
Aliens 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Planets 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Bureaucracy 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Scholarship 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Command 6D = 4D + 2D + 0 (0pts)
Alter (Force) 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)

Tech 3D
Astrogation 4D = 3D + 1D + 0 (0pts)
Computers 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Droids 3D = 3D + 0 (0pts)
Mechanics 4D = 3D + 1D + 0 (0pts)
Operations 4D = 3D + 1D® + 0 (0pts)

Agility 4D (-2)
Acrobatics 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Sneak 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Piloting 6D = 4D + 1D + 1D® + 0 (0pts)
Driving 4D = 4D + 0 (0pts)
Gunnery 5D = 4D + 1D + 0 (0pts)

Brawn 2D (+1D damage resistance)
Intimidate 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Athletics 2D = 2D + -1D® + 1D (3pts)
Brawling 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Might 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Toughness 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Control (Force) 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)

Cunning 2D
Con 3D = 2D + 2 (4pts) + 1 (DSP)
Subterfuge 5D = 2D + 2D + 0 (0pts) + 1D (Lv. 4 Feat)
Entertain 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Security 2D = 2D + 0 (0pts)
Streetwise 4D = 2D + 2D (15pts)
Investigation 3D = 2D + 1D (6pts)

Wisdom 1D
Persuade 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)
Survival 1D+2 = 1D + -1D® + 1D+2 (5pts)
Perception 3D+1 = 1D + 2D+1 (12pts)
Willpower 2D = 1D + 1D (3pts)
First Aid 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)
Sense (Force) 1D = 1D + 0 (0pts)


Credits: 1351 creds

Weapons (Max 3)
- Blaster Pistol (500 creds)
- Blaster Pistol
- Vibroknife

Random Gear (Max 3 + 3 [Tech])
- Datapad (100 creds)
- Comlink (100 creds)
- Magnacuffs (250 creds)
- Comm Scanner (2500 creds) Detect and tap into comm transmissions; 500 m range.

- Envirosuit



Piloting Kill Count:
– Y-Wing x1
– Z-95 Headhunter x1 (Manderton)

Even a short lifetime of spacing and acquiring items has drawn the ire of many. In just 36 years Besh has pissed off no less than 2 Huttese cartels, 3 Rebel Officers, more than a few noble houses, and, worst of all, a Jedi by the name of Lags B’urmen. When he was just 23 he was tipped off by a collector that a certain Jedi Holocron was being transported and intercepted it with some fancy flying, and even fancier shooting. The collector was pleased, and Besh was pretty jazzed about his payday – right up until he felt a really saccharin cloud descend upon his mind and some sissy off voice tried to “appeal to his sense of harmony,” or whatever. Natch. Besh hightailed it out of there on his frigate the Derelicte and hasn’t had any trouble from that Jedi guy since. It always weighs on his mind though, and keeps Besh on the move.

Besh didn’t grow up having much, and for as long as he could remember he wanted to fulfill his destiny to speed amongst the stars, unfettered by the chains a of normal day-to-day job. That’s what drove him to the fast life of smuggling and item acquisition. He just wants to go fast and live free, and to do that he needs the best damn ship around.

Goals for Character Development

Outline – good w/ hands, techy stuff, not CPUs; agile, precise, sharpshooter; smuggler, mechanic; hunts down and procures items

Scout (4 lv)
Fringer: Pathfinder → Explorer → Gear Head (Kit Bash) → Heroic Surge

Scoundrel (4 lv)
Gunslinger: Quickdraw → Trick Shot → Ranged Disarm → Hokey Religions

Ace Pilot (4 lv)
Ship Captain: Daring Maneuver → Hot Shot → Astromech Sidekick → Great Shot

Smuggler (3 lv)
Transporter: Secret Compartments → Hidden Weapon → Contraband

[Imp] Bechesmy "Besh" Hud

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