[Imp] Artie Fink


Arthur Fink

Chandra-Fan: +1D Con and Sneak, -1D Toughness and Might
Stats: Cunning (3D/5D), Brawn (1D/2D)
Scout: Spy 5
Scoundrel: Con Artist 1

Brains 2D
Tech 3D
– Computers 1D = 4D
– Operations +1D = 4D
Agility 3D
– Sneaky 2D = 5D
Brawn 2D
– Toughness -1D +2D (self help holovid) = 4D
– Might -1D = 1D
– Intimidate +1D +1 (dark side)= 3D
– Brawling 3D
Cunning 4D
– Con 2D = 6D1
– Subterfuge +1D = 5D
– Streetwise +1D = 5D
– Security +1D = 5D
– Investigation +1D = 5D
Wisdom 2D
– Persuade +1D +1= 4D
– Perception +1D +1 = 4D

10 spare points
+2 dark side point
Personality taint: very suspicious / verging on paranoid
+1 to cruel deeds, -1 to goodly
Personality taint: arrogant
1 to con, accounted above)

Attack 2D + 1D+2 (ability stat) + 1D 1 (class Scout) +1 (class Scoundrel) = 5D1
Defense 2D + 2D (ability stat) + 1D+1 (class Scout) 1 (class Scoundrel) = 5D2

- Recon: You can make a Subterfuge Check to create a fact about a location, or group of people at a specific location.
- Camouflage: You can reroll Survival Checks when finding cover. And once per adventure, you can reroll a Stealth Check.
- Wiretap: Once per adventure, you can make an Operations Check to overhear and create a conversation between two people within 100 meters.
- Snare: You can make an Operations Check to set up some kind of snare or trap.
- Keen Eyes: You can make a Perception Check to create a convenient item or object in an outdoor location.
- No Good Swindler: Once per adventure, you can reroll a Con Check. When you use a Force Point on a Con Check, if you roll a 5 or 6, you can roll again.
- Ambush: Once per adventure, you can make a Sneak Check, followed by a Brawling vs. Toughness Check to sap an unaware person unconscious.

- (Racial) Acute Senses: Once per adventure, you can reroll a Perception Check.
- Self-Reflection: Increase Skill Points gained at Levels by 1
- Lucky: Once per adventure, you can reroll a Force Point.
- Blaster Proficiency
- Self-Help Holovid: You get +1D to a Skill that is less than 3D. (Toughness)
- Skirmisher: Once per combat, you can make a Survival Check to create a feature of the battlefield.

- Hold out blaster (300) 3D damage, +1D subterfuge to conceal
- Comlink (100)
- Datapad (100)
- Recording Rod (250)
- Electrobinoculars (250) +1D Investigation/Perception at distance
- Blaster Pistol (x2)
- +17075 credits


Artie Fink had a hard life. A mid-level spice dealer, he got caught with intent to sell but the Five-O cut him a deal if he would rat out the rest of his crew. He spent the next three years bringing down the infamous Rowberry Cartel, but not without cost. Just before he was about to call in the Stormtroopers on the godfather of the cartel, Kristoff Rowberry, the rival Manderton gang took his daughter Petunia, as ransom for the secrets that Artie now held. Now, pursued by both Rowberries and Manderton, all he wants is to close the chapter on his old life of violence and get back his daughter.

A pretty good spy-ificator, the Imperials liked Artie’s work and assigned him to spy on Besh.

[Imp] Artie Fink

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